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astrology consultations


In-depth consultation that discusses your full astrological DNA – Planets/Houses/Signs/Aspects and forecasting for the upcoming months.

Cost: $150.00 per session

Duration: 75 mins (timed)

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This is a very personal in-depth consultation that goes into the specific great ebb and flows of two individual charts blended to show the real you.

Cost: $250.00 per session

Duration: 90 mins (timed)

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This mini consultation is geared towards those who are new to astrology and gives a preview of what a full consultation looks like.

Cost: $40.00 per session

Duration: 18 mins (timed)

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The Fine Print

All readings include a recording of the consultation which is sent to you via email.

Readings are done via Zoom online teleconference

Scheduling and Payment

Clients must pay for their reading PRIOR to scheduling the session.

Once payment is received, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours via email to schedule your consultation.

No refunds will be given for readings once they are booked.

Rescheduling options will be provided so long as I am notified 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

All appointments are scheduled for Eastern Standard time, USA.

Preparing for a consultation takes time, therefore no shows without prior notice or a request to reschedule will not be refunded

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