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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

Who is The Unlikely Astrologer?

We all journey through life knowing things that we can’t explain. Some of us are artists who know that art is the way we will move through this world expressing the awesomeness of the Universe, others are doctors that help to heal the body, some of us are psychologist that help to heal the mind, but a handful of us are astrologers that believe the stars speak to us about the content of our soul, which is the character of our Being. This is Gordon's calling. Gordon is a certificated Astrological Forecaster with the London School of Astrology. Based out of Charlotte NC, Gordon provides services including


- Individual Birth Chart Consultations, 

- Relationship Chart Consultations, 

- Astrological Life Coaching

- Rectification Services (Process of finding precise birth time)


Gordon’s work focuses on Counseling Astrology. His goal is to give you information that you can actually use to shift internal and external paradigms.  The vision for his practice is simply: To provide information people can use to make significant change using astrology as the tool...internal and external work.  Gordon understands astrology as a tool that can aid in guiding our emotions and expectations. He understands that we are emotional beings that sometimes need an ear that has insight into our predisposed tendencies without judgment. 

Gordon's journey started with curiosity and became an obsession because all new knowledge is to be consumed and digested until it is palatable in-breath and applicable in life. While on hiatus other lessons opened his mind and heart to the possibility of this being his future. His heart warmed to the idea of sharing his passion and making this hobby a lifestyle. He felt complete and whole each time he shared his insight and watched as his words added meaning to people's lives. We must understand that this is the natural unfolding of a calling and that we are enriched by the interaction with this person that so willing gives in order to honour his Soul. He was richly rewarded for this and his heart called to the Universe asking that this become his bread and butter. Sometimes when we least expect the Universe to support us, it does. The Universe sent “To Have And To Hold,” seen on OWN where Gordon was called to supply a relationship reading. It has not stopped since.


To take things a step further, Gordon’s plan for astrology is to get everyone to know and own their true uniqueness.  Most people are locked into external influences and not understanding that they are truly 1 of 1.  No one is like them in the past and no one will be like them in the future. People need to truly embrace themselves and see what truly makes them happy (ex. relationships, love, work).  In addition, we all react to things differently and quite honestly how you react can be based on a lot of things as well.  Past trauma/relationships/cultural influences....all of these things shape you.  No matter how loud the external energy....we are all our own Unique sheet of emotional Energy. 


Here's what people are saying about The Unlikely Astrologer

Testimonial #1 

“My natal chart reading revealed a lot - the insights, empathy, guidance and care that was shown provided reassurance and most importantly a sliver of hope that things can and would get better. Slowly but surely I incorporated some of the daily affirmation videos & links Gordon sent; began to build a burgeoning meditation practice at a pace I could manage; learning to journal and set clear intentions in written form to help set a course for myself, but most importantly manage all of the emotions with better tools to navigate the sometimes brutally rough waters (double Scorpio Sun/Rising. yikes!).”


Testimonial #2

“The best thing that has come from Gordon’s Astrology Readings has been him helping me to understand my past and why things had to happen the way that it did. Gordon has helped me heal from past traumas and I have been able to experience my life fuller in the present and more hopeful about my future. Gordon is not only an Amazing Astrologer but I also see him as a Healer.”


Testimonial #3

“While I have always been aware of my sign and the impact it has on my life, I have always been hesitant to subscribe to an overdose of astrology being raised super Christian with a super conservative upbringing (in my mind, one was in conflict with the other) BUT— DAMN! Gordon’s gift is the truth. He is so enlightening, so refreshing, so authentic.” 


All of these statements above are about what makes you as an individual happy and that is the core of it all.  Astrology helps you bridge that gap in a way that is enlightening and beneficial to all.  I am so happy that Astrology "found" me and that I am able to help others!




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